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Hi I'm Darren Charles Hatton. I've always had a camera in my hand since I can remember, something about taking photographs stirs a passion in me. I just feel more connected behind the lens. Capturing real moments in real time and enhancing them to full effect is truly satisfying.

 I started out as a Photographer's Apprentice in the late eighties, which inspired me into further education in new and challenging directions.  Supporting myself during my university years as a Light Technician and a Camera Operator, as well as other roles.   I filmed live games of American college football, worked on news broadcasts and also helped film the first ever Q &A for Star Trek Voyager.

I successfully completed a Master of Arts degree in Animation and Special Effects, a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Systems and a Diploma in Media. I stumbled into a 16 year career as a Digital Artist not in the film industry for which I trained hard for, but  in the computer games industry.

I have worked around the world for some world renown companies like Electronic Arts (EA), Rockstar and 2K, on some massive game franchises including Bioshock, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Borderlands.

My career in the games industry ended June 2015 as the game studio I worked for closed down at the same time as I became a full time dad to my beautiful daughter, which I will admit is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Now that she is in day care I've gone full circle back to where I started; photography but this time combining it with my unique digital artist skills and years of additional photography knowledge, as my camera has never left my side.

I love how overwhelmingly passionate I become when behind the lens.  I believe it shows in the images I capture.  I am a true artist, I live not for the money but for the praise and enjoyment my work brings, without that I am nothing!  I would love the opportunity to photograph your special day, please contact me today to secure your booking.

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