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Ryan Family - Portraiture - Canberra, Australia

"We were thrilled with the photos that Darren took of our family. He really managed to capture the spirit of our children, and we loved that we were given a mix of candid and posed photos. The light in the photos is beautiful, it is amazing how some normal looking trees and park benches were totally transformed into stunning backdrops for our family. Darren is also a lovely guy and we had a very enjoyable morning hanging out with him at a park. We can't wait to have more photos taken by Darren in a couple of years when the boys are a little older."

Northside Community Service (NCS) - Corporate - Canberra, Australia

"We've had Darren provide us with several sets of photo shoots for NSC now. Each time he's been professional, quick, subtly interacting with the environment and people (including vulnerable people and children) included in the photographs, and proving that he has an eye for capturing not just the moment, but the unique details within a scene. It's really wonderful to have a photographer who you can trust to follow direction, but also use his own artistic judgement to communicate the meaning behind an image. We loved how he managed to capture images of our every day lives and activities and turn them into a beautiful communication of our purpose and philosophy. We'd strongly recommend Darren to anyone, and we look forward to working with him again in the future!"

Ellie 5th - Birthday - Canberra, Australia.

"Ellie was just so happy on her birthday, and Darren did an amazing job of capturing her bubbly personality with all of his shots. His job wasn’t easy, given that either Ellie or the reptile man were changing positions or facing different directions all the time, but Darren was like a ninja…zipping around without anyone realizing - quite a feat in a confined space with about 12 kids and a bunch of parents/grandparents trying to watch the show. I would have no hesitation in recommending Darren as a photographer - he has an amazing talent and I think the results speak for themselves!"

Karl and Carla - Wedding - Queensland, Australia.

"Thank you for the most beautiful wedding photos we could every asked for, we felt natural and at ease when you were taking the photos, we loved every single one of them, especially the spontaneous shots, you captured a great day."

Phil and Kaitlyn  - Wedding - New South Wales, Australia. 

"Darren is simply the best photographer we’ve ever hired. He does a great job of capturing moments and his editing is fantastic. We had him for three events and he was always professional, and wonderful at being right where he needed to be at the right time. We’re always getting compliments on how lovely our wedding and party photos are - there are no unflattering photos with Darren, just a wonderful collection of memories captured"

Cory and Nadia - Wedding - North Island, New Zealand. 

"We were extremely pleased with Darren's photos for our special day. So many great and memorable  shots it was hard to pick the best for our album! Everybody thinks of the family photos and the ceremony (which Darren captured perfectly) but he also takes the time to also capture the other memories - the smaller things - that are often overlooked but matter so much in building the overall picture of the event. Besides this he is friendly and a pleasure to have around. Would absolutely hire him again."

Gary and Trina - Wedding - Queensland, Australia.

"We thank you so much Darren for being part of our wedding. You made everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed as well as making it fun to have their photo’s taken. The actual photo’s were truly amazing and beautifully unique. We loved the artistic touches you added to some of the photos, giving it a very personal touch. Thank you for sharing this special day with us!"

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